Cat Giving Birth to 5 Kittens With Complete Different Color

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    Lucky PawisonLucky Pawison
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    👍 Absolutely Nobody Turn 6,000mins Kittens Growing Up Footage into a MOVIE Before
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    Belly is one and a half years old. She is cute and clever. Cause I got depression problems 3 years ago. Life was hopeless. My friends were suggested to me to raise a cat. So Belly comes into my life. She helps me bottom out from the dark days. Hope this video could also bring you some inner peace and happiness.

    I will keep updating this channel. Hope all these kittens could have a happy life.

    00:00 Mom Cat Contraction
    06:10 First Kitten Come To This World
    10:25 Second Kitten Born
    15:05 Third Kitten Born
    17:28 Fourth Kitten Born
    18:25 Little Brother Born
    19:22 Mom Cat Clean Newborn Kittens

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    Belly, Ore, and Reo love you all, 😽I will keep updating their videos and photos. Hope you all have a happy life.

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Lucky Pawison +27
Lucky Pawison


2 年 前
blizzsplosion +167

Dude, the fact she's letting you pet her pregnant belly shows how much she loves and trusts you.

2 年 前
Fiza Khan +808
Fiza Khan

Mother is a Mother ♥️🥺

candy84ish +450

I’m a massive cat lover and would have a zoo full if I could, this was so beautiful to watch! She did so well x

River Donoghue +146
River Donoghue

I saw my cat giving birth and it was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Ann Smith +384
Ann Smith

Belly is such a wonderful mom. She did a great job and worked so hard. Her kittens are beautiful just like her.

Sez Dahmer +68
Sez Dahmer

Why am I crying? The beautiful sounds of those kittens as they take their first breath and introduced to the world. Strangely, this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen 🥰

Rahul Pable +16
Rahul Pable

Who got this in recommended randomly ?? ❤️❤️❤️

Alicia Laija +180
Alicia Laija

This warms my heart, also makes me super sad bc I wasn’t there to help my kitty give birth to her 3 kittens. It blows my mind what she went through all alone .. and may I add with such grace and elegance there was zero mess afterwards and she and her kittens are as happy and healthy as can be 😸

Eva Del +291
Eva Del

She is sooo loving ..her tender eyes..the love for her kittens...such. a gesture of love gratitude 😊the way she holds them and touch them .... just soo sweet 😍

Remi S. +32
Remi S.

Such a sweet mama!! She seemed so calm and patient and loving during the whole ordeal, she’s a true champ

Hayley Gadd +68
Hayley Gadd

What a beautiful clip, birth is such an amazing thing!! She looks so calm and peaceful during her labour, unlike I was giving birth to my daughter 😄 but truly beautiful!! 😘 God Bless her and her babies! X

Tami Medina +38
Tami Medina

I love her name Belly. She’s gorgeous!, and she handled the birthing with flair & elegance. Her kittens are gorgeous too. 💕💜❤️😁🤗

Claribelle +11

She was like one of the calmest cats I’ve ever seen give birth.

2 年 前
glib54 +109

The mother's calmness was mentioned in the comments; but it surprised me that no one (of the comments i read) mentioned the gracefulness of the mother kitty. I've seen many cats give birth, but this cat did it with so much grace & poise that she was a wonder to watch. She had me mezmerized!

말티즈&시바견 참바랑TV +103
말티즈&시바견 참바랑TV

My family has fed a couple of cats, and they gave a birth. surprisingly, their fur patterns are totally different. Now we feed not only parents, but also kid cats. :)

Bianca Miazzo +8
Bianca Miazzo

Meu Deus, eu sinto tanto amor por esses animaizinhos que chega a me doer 😢🐈❤️❤️❤️😍

21 日 前
como fazer? +37
como fazer?

Que coisa linda,como são fofos esses bichinhos,e o carinho da mãe,maravilhoso,fantástico.

Glenda Simpson +61
Glenda Simpson

At 74 I have never been around a cat giving birth. It was amazing to watch. Good little mother cat seemed to know exactly what to do. ❤❤❤❤

Jaclyn M +1
Jaclyn M

This is so beautiful, it made me cry. I wish every mama cat could have kittens in such a clean and peaceful environment.

2 年 前

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