Game Theory: FNAF, The SECRET Afton (FNAF Security Breach)

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    Theorists, FNAF is my bread and butter. It has taken over my life and my brain. So when I say I think Gregory is a robot, I'm not kidding around. Today, I'm doubling down on my last theory. PLUS we are diving even deeper into the lore hidden in Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach!

    Greg Port by Takato Matsuki
    Glamrock Freddy Port by Dr.PickleCheese

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    0:00 - No, Greg COULD really be a robot.
    11:25 - Vanessa is Baby... maybe?
    18:38 - Special Thanks to Displate!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

B-1 Battle Droid +39
B-1 Battle Droid

Just a reminder to like the video! He puts in a ton of effort for these videos! ❤

2 時間 前
MiraGrace Studios +36
MiraGrace Studios

Whether the theory ends up being correct or not, I think we can all thank MatPat and his team for coming up with these theories and piecing them together via videos for us!

2 時間 前
CurtRichy +791

Whether right or wrong, you gotta admit, the gregory is the crying child has a lot of evidence to back it. Tbh its a very reasonable theory

5 時間 前
General Corgi +1
General Corgi

"Wait, they're all robots?"

6 時間 前
Ö +265

Never ever judge Matpats Theories, he always knows what he is talking about believe me

5 時間 前
Kikicatmeow +294

As convoluted as the lore is, matpat makes a pretty convincing case for this theory

5 時間 前
Fay Palestine +15
Fay Palestine

Can we just talk about how amazing the editors are? They make intros like the game the theory is about! They are amazing.

2 時間 前
Aeroga +3

As I played through the game I actively thought about how I can’t wait for your theories about it! LOVE IT

23 時間 前
Jeff Jeff +98
Jeff Jeff

Genuinely, how does Matt know that Scott or whoever's making the lore decisions isn't just spring-boarding off of MatPat's videos.

5 時間 前
TAnya Sanchez +21
TAnya Sanchez

Mat and his whole team are so amazing. All theories are appreciated and honestly is always fun to listen to. <3

7 時間 前
Renard +48

At around

5 時間 前
DarkP3ni5Entangl3r DarkP3ni5Entangl3r +67
DarkP3ni5Entangl3r DarkP3ni5Entangl3r

Gregory being a robot is a completely reasonable theroy for fnaf, especially with the evidence MatPat provided, but due to story purposes I highly doubt hes a robot. He is most likely human.

6 時間 前
Alex Lawson +49
Alex Lawson

The bit about Vanessa I really like, but didn't the CDs end with the therapist saying she'd actually made all that up about her dad and the custody battle? So then she's not Elizabeth?

5 時間 前
SneakySileny +2

William Afton is the definiton of "But wait, there's more!"

10 時間 前
The GentlemanPirate +78
The GentlemanPirate

I would

6 時間 前
Sam Victoria +26
Sam Victoria

I feel that after the security breach theories are done we need another big updated recap of the whole timeline it’s getting difficult to keep track of everything lmao

5 時間 前
Leonie +11

Having watched all of Matpats Security Breach streams I really just took the last theory at face value knowing that it was going to be expanded on at some point

4 時間 前
Jazzy +7

I appreciate the effort you put in and how you put this together. Especially considering there is so much context missing from this game and not in the normal FNAF way.

4 時間 前
Mark Sucks at Video Games +6
Mark Sucks at Video Games

I haven't played a single game in this franchise but I really enjoy the lore via these theories --glad for all the hard work! Wish I'd started watching GT Live sooner!

2 時間 前
Wild +17

I genuinely don't care it the theories are right or not I just love hearing them explained. I mean you gotta remember this entire channel is called game THEORY

2 時間 前

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