[GOING SEVENTEEN] EP.31 순응특집 단짝 #1 (Best Friends #1)

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    [GOING SEVENTEEN] EP.31 순응특집 단짝 #1 (Best Friends #1)

    Loud and boisterous school life at Sebong High!🏫
    Start off the new semester right, from intros to a very odd ping-pong game🏓

    A Going SEVENTEEN special for the college exam season!
    We’re cheering for all of this year’s test takers!🤗

TokimoSoda +8

Joshua, the only one who can beat Jeonghan’s cheating tricks… both are MVP!

andy +1

"The vibe of school is cheerful and joyful, which is not my cup of tea"

soonhoonist. +2

dk: "pls add CGI effects, add an eagle."

Nikita Chauhan +833
Nikita Chauhan

To think that I always thought Joshua has a calm personality but after this I realised that his personality is closer to Jeonghan's. They both can be so chaotic while keeping a straight face.

Joanna S. +2
Joanna S.

Not them naming skills on the spot 💀 i freaking loved this episode

selina +1

I absolutely love how the staff lets them “create” their own content. It’s literally so chaotic and loud but I guess they know that’s why carats love them. And the dynamic twin duo between Joshua and Jeonghan is everything - true soulmates. Loved this episode <3

Sheilla Mae Marbebe +3
Sheilla Mae Marbebe

Joshua's reason on choosing jeonghan

Ytsme Jestine +481
Ytsme Jestine

I died when they start singing when Jeonghan entered the door 😭🤣

XixiSunflower +351

The fact that the members let Joshua and Jeonghan play however they like is hilarious

renegrinaldi +997

Gose staffs :

Intan Safitri +878
Intan Safitri

love how going staff literally just give them a pingpong ball and theyre making their way creating content

Luna Moon +500
Luna Moon

Joshua and Jeonghan are incomparable. i’ve almost lost my sanity. it could be one of the best table tennis final matches.


Them: "Cheaters never win!"

Ocean +357


이태식 +499


jisoo hongz +238
jisoo hongz

shua have a whole diff kind of humor, diff from our go-to gag from bss plus mingyu (the variety show type of comedy, they talk a lot), this is diff bc he rarely do variety shows, and he's usually quiet, but he does it so randomly and naturally, with so much confidence in it, when he knows that the timing is good, he can pull off any. one member does it similarly, and it's jun. these 2 i can say r rlly hidden gems. Both are quiet in the side, but when they do it, u'll gonna laugh ur ass out

김소희 +280

홍지수 은은하게 도라버린 눈동자 진짜 개웃김ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그에게서 뭔가 모를 광기가 느껴져요....

Axis Boise +244
Axis Boise

Joshua is finally a lost cause hahaha, he hanged out too much with Jeonghan they're basically the same person lmao

a +6

Chan: “Usually the tall kids sit in the back”

MSJ +18

I just realised in Seventeen you just don't have to remember 13 names you have to learn 13 stage name + 13 real name + additional names 😂 R.I.P my memory

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