MLB World Series 2011 Game 6 St Louis Cardinals vs Texas Rangers

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    MLB World Series 2011 Game 6 St Louis Cardinals vs Texas Rangers

Michael Morada +10
Michael Morada

As a 10 year old at the time, this World Series made me fall in love with Baseball

Norm L +31
Norm L

This has to be the best baseball game ever played. The emotions. It's almost unbelievable.

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Thomas Conrad +7
Thomas Conrad

I've watched this game many times and I get the same excitement every time! I grew up in Missouri but have lived in Texas for 45 years. I remember game 6 in 2011 like it was yesterday.

Daniel Nelson +18
Daniel Nelson

My brother and I bought 2 tickets in the 18th row, behind the 3rd base dugout, for $30 dollars each from my buddy who didn't wanna see Texas win in St. Louis. He was pretty pissed about missing out on this one. The entire city was electric. The greatest sports event I've ever witnessed.

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Dov BarLeib +5
Dov BarLeib

Every couple of months or so, I watch the 7th inning and onwards of this Game, the greatest Game in baseball history.

Juan José Larrandaburu +14
Juan José Larrandaburu

Freese y Berkman los héroes sin duda, el hit de B

Andrew Baldwin +7
Andrew Baldwin


DannyBoy2step +16

One of the best moments of my life as a Cards fan

Zach Knight +5
Zach Knight

I was at this game and can personally say the energy that night was something ive never felt before. The crowd. The sheer resilience. It was absolutely unreal. I'll always remember it.

SoggyWater 14 +15
SoggyWater 14

One of the best games of my life. I was so so so so so so so sad until David freese hit that triple and home run. Best moment of my life

5 年 前
Brandon Baumann +13
Brandon Baumann

As a rangers fan I came here to just comment, can't watch too painful. i don't think I've ever been more heartbroken after anything in my life. I remember I honestly didn't want to school the next day at all and almost didn't go. the rangers franchise seems to be haunted by this game. 2012 and 2013 we choked away the division to Oakland. and last year we were up to 2-0 against Toronto and choked that away in a just as painful game 5 when bautista hit that home run. but none of that compares to this game. so fucking close! 1 strike away twice! still love my rangers but will always feel like 2011 was our year and it was stolen from us.

5 年 前

Thak you Cardinals and Thank you Baseball FOR THAT UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT. CARDINALS PLAYED THAT NIGHT LIKE A PHOENIX, Refused to die and resurface from the ashes. THE BEST GAME I ´VE SEEN IN ALL MY LIFE.

5 年 前
drums4metal +70

This is the best baseball game ever. I remember watching it with my dad, we were on the edge from start to finish.

6 年 前
Andrew Seavey +4
Andrew Seavey

So much nostalgia. I was 9 years old when this game occurred and this was the first World Series I remember watching.

年 前
OdinX316 +5

I have been watching Baseball since the early 60's and this was the best game I ever saw and heard of!! The CLUTCH hitting and the timing, the need to get it done now. If it could get better WOW what a game that one will be! But its baseball and its almost spiritual so...

Ryan R +116
Ryan R

Greatest baseball game I ever watched. Still get chills from "We will see you, tomorrow night." and "They just won't go away."

6 年 前
Martin Hoerchner +12
Martin Hoerchner

It's so great to see this game in hi-def; one of the best games ever. Thank you!

2 年 前
CDJProduction3 +7

one of the greatest games of all time. still just as gut-wrenching today as it was growing up, an eleven year old Rangers fan

Hard2think2347 +30

The greatest baseball game of the decade and it's not even close

5 年 前
Andy Riley +82
Andy Riley

I thought that I remembered every detail of this game from when I first watched it live. But I completely forgot about Kyle Lohse pinch-hitting to bunt in the 10th (Around

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